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Front page of Dream-Machines No. 5/05: "Orange Poison" done by long famous Wolfgang Hübner and Harald Geiger of Mainhattan Bistro Parts 'n Bikes. Evo Chopper with AMM-IMMOGNITION II (single-fire ignition) powering a set of formerly green Dyna coils.

G&R's VR1750 racer from Dream-Machines magazine. AMM-P3 ignition.

These classy bikes - buildt by Schwartzkopf Exclusive Customs Los Angeles - appear in the "2005 Dreamgirls Calendar".

All four bikes feature the AMM - IMMOGNITION. Click on image to enlarge ...

2005's second issue of Easyriders and Thunderbike's "Gothic". -> "Its an Altmann - P3 ... naturally".

Same mag as above: Frank's personal Single-Tube Chopper -> Independent Choppers, Duesseldorf. AMM-P3.

As appeared in the centerfold of AMDs chopper special: Thomas Habermann's 'Ghul' highneck custom. Check out the Habermann-Performance website. Ignition is Altmann-P3 for all TwinCam engines.

Dragster Cycles and their price-sensitve TwinCam B Softail. The bike was upgraded from the stock HD® electronic-fuel-injection to a Mikuni HSR42 carburetor and AMM-P3 ignition.

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