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See below: The first public introduction of the AMM-IMMOGNITION, as appeared in High-Performance magazine and EDN. Followed by a W&W "good news" catalog entry. The IMMOGNITION's combined features of immobilizer, touch-key and programmable advance-key (also by touching) were kind of technical overkill at that time, normally only found in James Bond movies... the market response was nothing short of enthusiastic...

The first advertising of the AMM-IMMOGNITION: "Still the finest ignition systems, available on Mother Earth".

The first units had a laser-cut stainless steel cover that was supplied by Krupp-Thyssen which was sanded and engraved by hand afterwards. The key-fobs also were made this way. The small touch-key-cans (also stainless steel) were supplied direct to AMM by an US semiconductor company. This is Altmann's hand... MAGIC TOUCH...

Product news about AMM-ignition coils and active spark-amplifier "Power Spark" used by a couple of racers back then...

The second AMM-advertising "Ain't no desert hot enough". Also below: Now famous and AMM customer Markus Walz in his self-censored ad ;-)

Another even hotter setup of coils and amplifier, called "Detonator-Pro-Coil" and "Combustor". This early research led directly to the improved and miniaturized amplifiers that were integrated into the AMM-IMMOGNITION later on. Then followed many pressure-chamber tests, and the AMM-IMMOGNITION was adjusted to give maximum spark-power also with stock Harley ignition coils.

Along with the movie: "Independence Day" advertising, with a supposedly german vintage UFO in the background ;-)

All Altmann advertisings back then (including below "Thunder" ad) were done by Frommo.

The advance-curves became 100% programmable via PC/MAC-software and a programming-kit was offered including the AMM-Programmer hardware.

Also in 1996: The material of the ignition housing changed from stainless steel to F53 aircraft aluminium. The riffle-design was originally developed by Andreas Winters of Hot-Doc productions.

And what is that ? Yes, it's Chares Altmann's prototype of a complete injection system, named "AMM-INJECTOR" and mounted on his personal Shovelhead. Programmable and with Lambda-control. The throttle body stems from a '96 BMW-boxer-engine and features a single injection valve that was triggered sequentially. The system worked very well, but Altmann didn't like this mess of cables, hoses, regulators, sensors pumps and filters.

So he performed kind of a Pepsi-Test and after doing a ride, remounted the S&S Super-B carburetor. The following test-ride showed, that the only advantage of his injection-system was slightly more torque at low rpm combined with open throttle. But it was only such a slight difference, that Altmann a) did not see the point of electronic injection systems and b) was totally amazed by the performance of the Super-B carburetor...

Only for completeness. This injection system featured a manual choke-function (via throttle commands), had adjustable idle (as low as you want), and was kick-started !!!

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