ALTMANN MOTORCYCLE IGNITIONS - WEST GERMANY 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996

Walz Hardcore Cycles "Silvermachine - Argentum" on Easyriders 2/06 cover plus 7 page feature. Ignition: AMM-P3.

Same mag. Thunderbike's "Kreuzfeuer" feat. AMM-P3 ignition.

Same mag. Two HPU Dream-Bikes. Take a closer look at "Holy Moly" and "Prosecutor. Both with AMM-P3 ignition.

Well, everybody knows that Marcus won the Discovery Bike-Build-Off. What you probably did not know: Ignition AMM-P3

Same mag and yet another custom with a Walz-frame and AMM-P3-ignition.

Very cool spanish custom by Devil Inside Cycles featuring an AMM - IMMOGNITION II single-fire ignition.

Habermann strikes back, and win's AMD's European Championship of Custom Bike Building with "Balor". Ignition: AMM-P3.

When made-of-steeel Didi takes out his welding torch, heaven and earth meet in his creation of "Heroe". AMM-P3.

The Knight by Lotterman. Dream Machines Mag 2/2006. AMM-P3 ignition.

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