ALTMANN MOTORCYCLE IGNITIONS - WEST GERMANY 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996

High-Performance Magazine with "Metal Mania" wild custom by Hot-Doc Productions. Ignition: AMM-IMMOGNITION II (single-fire) plus AMM-DETONATOR-PRO ignition coils.

The same bike was also featured on the front-page of European Dealer News (now AMD).

Nitro Pro-Street by Southern Cycles Austria. AMM - IMMOGNITION II.

On the front page of "Bikers News" Girl on bike with AMM-IMMOGNITION, plus article "creatures of the night" with a very hot and a 'not so hot' bike, you choose...

"Silver Hope" by HD-Glaser, and "Silver Billet", done by one of AMM's distributors Zodiac. Powered by AMM-IMMOGNITION.

"69 Time" top-gas dragster. Nitro Olympics '98 Hockenheim. Driver Thomas Häfner. Ignition: AMM-IMMOGNITION.

Two bikes by Mike-Bike, Solingen, one features a AMM-MILLENIUM-IMMOGNITION, the other a Stainless-Steel IMMOGNITION (a rare collector's item today).

Feature in Biker's Live about electronic ignitions. The article shows, that the AMM-IMMOGNITION can maximize horsepower over the entire rpm-range. Somthing other ignitions often cannot do...

1998 Custom-Performance Ad with Silver-Bullet bike. AMM-IMMOGNITION.

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