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Oh boy, take a look at Pete Spellman's mother, not to be confused with the nice girl on the bike. AMM-IMMOGNITION II. Special custom advance curve was done for this large displacement engine, free of charge... naturally...

7-page feature in High-Performance mag. plus cover-page. The W&W president's bike. AMM-IMMOGNITON.

Burn-Out AG of Switzerland built Roli's Mega Chopper. AMM-IMMOGNITION.

The Koehler Bros. and their 1200 Sportster-Sidecar racer. Same bike (without sidecar) was used by rider Delf Koehler for drag-racing. AMM-IMMOGNITION II (single-fire), curve #7, no rev-limit.

Andreas 'Angel' Winters of Hot-Doc-Productions, Solingen built this modern PAN-EVO-ticum. AMM-IMMOGNITION.

Beachster Sporty by G&R. Rev-Tech ignition coils are powered by AMM-IMMOGNITION II (single-fire).

Famous english tuner John Williamson of RMD and his Predator with 104" Intercepter engine. Article text features a short introduction to the AMM-IMMOGNITION.

Reader's Ride "Silver Arrow" and full page Custom-Ranch advertising with AMM-IMMOGNITION powered bike.

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